Chewable Toothpaste Tablets - Dechappy
Chewable Toothpaste Tablets - Dechappy
Chewable Toothpaste Tablets - Dechappy

Chewable Toothpaste Tablets

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The New Chewable Toothpaste Tablets is the new age of Teeth Cleaning and is the Ultimate replacement of Traditional Toothpaste Tubes.
Not only it is Perfect for Travel and Camping it is also optimal for Home Use!

The New Green Tea Formula Sterilises Oral Cavity and Prevents Bacteria Reproduction. It also effectively Removes Bad Breath and gives a fresh feeling.


  • Plant Derived Organic Ingredients
    Our Chewable Toothpaste Tablets are made from Green Tea Extracts and Organic Ingredients for Perfect Tooth Cleaning
  • Thickener / Preservatives FREE
    No Harmful Chemicals means it won't cause any harm to the body!
  • Portable and Travel Friendly
    It doesn't contain any liquid and it can go safely onboard. You can also bring exact amount of tablets you need. You don't have to bring a large toothpaste tube!
  • Deep Layer Cleaning
    The tiny powder inside the toothpaste goes to ANY untouchable corner to provide thorough cleaning for your teeth
  • Anti-Inflammation and Anti-Bacterial
    The anti-bacterial formula Halts Bacterial Growth leading to Periodontal Disease and other teeth problems.
  • Fluoride Free
    Excessive Intake of Fluoride can lead to adverse health effects. Chewable Toothpaste Tablets are Fluoride-Free and no harmful effects on the body!


  1. Put one piece of Chewable Toothpaste Tablet into the mouth.
  2. Chew the tablet
  3. Wet the toothbrush
  4. Brush Your Teeth Normally


  • Ingredients: Xylitol,  Dicalcium phosphate,  Erythritol, Green Tea Extracts, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Kaolin,  Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Mint Flavor,  Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide
  • Quantity: 90 tablets/bottle


  • Chewable Toothpaste Tablets x 1 Bottle