Hoodie False Collar

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As the crispness of fall weather starts to creep in and layering inevitably becomes a thing again, it's time to add detachable collars to your outfit recipes.

These detachable collars are as stylish as they are functional, which automatically makes them your newest (and favorite) styling hack.


  • Switch It Up

That sweatshirt you've been wearing non-stop while self-isolating? Plop a detachable collar underneath it and you have a brand-new outfit for fall and with zero fuss.

  • Smooth Layering

Rather than having to tuck in a hoodie, deal with lumpy sleeves, a detachable collar makes layering easier than ever before.

  • Versatile Wear

Once you have your detachable collar, the options are endless. It's that much of a game-changer.

  • Easy Matching

Comes with a range of 4 beautiful colors so you can freely mix and match all your tops and dresses.



Color: White, Black, Red, Gray


1x Hoodie False Collar