LeakSeal Pipe Repair Tape

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LeakSeal is a waterproof pipe repair tape made from self-fusing silicone which seals live leaks on pipes made from copper, PVC plastic, steel, malleable iron, and many other materials.

The tape stretches by three times its length and once applied, it fuses to form a solid rubber band which exerts maximum pressure over the hole or crack in the pipe. Using multiple tapes can create a repair which is pressure resistant up to 30bar and LeakSeal is temperature resistant up to 200°C.


The repair begins by anchoring the LeakSeal tape next to the leak area. Using the centre line as a guide, you stretch the tape to its maximum and wrap it around the pipe until it runs out. The unique tapered profile of LeakSeal stops water from tracking underneath the tape, completely sealing the leak.

LeakSeal is suitable for fixing leaks in applications ranging from small domestic plumbing problems through to large scale industrial pipe repairs. Because it is effective on live leaks, using LeakSeal avoids costly and disruptive shutdowns of systems.

The versatility of the product makes it suitable for wrapping car exhausts, hoses and other types of pipes. LeakSeal is WRAS approved, meaning that it can be used safely with drinking water.

Benefits of LeakSeal Pipe Repair Tape

Tape is extra thick and stretches by 300% for a high pressure seal

Easy to use – just follow the instructions provided to tape the leaking pipe

Repairs can be carried out to pipes without the need to turn off flow

Tape can be easily removed if necessary and leaves no residue


Copper pipe repair, PVC plastic pipe repair, steel pipe repair, iron pipe repair, GRP pipe repair, ceramic pipe repair, concrete pipe repair, lead pipe repair, rubber pipe repair

Suitable for domestic plumbing repairs and large scale industrial applications


Size (Width X Length X Thickness): 5cm*1m*1mm, 5cm*3m*1mm, 2.5cm*3m*1mm, 2.5cm*1m*1mm, 2.5cm*3m*0.5mm, 2.5cm*1m*0.5mm

Color: White, Red


1x LeakSeal Pipe Repair Tape